Thanks For Helping Us Pray For Snow!

What an amazing season of Pray For Snow events we had, gang!

We ended up doing SIX (!!!!) events this season and every single time we did it the hills of Hoodoo filled.

And none of it would have been possible without all of your help. Our loyal listeners packed Doc’s Pad every event, and helped the lord of snow hear our mighty roar. And a lucky winner even won a snowboard or a set of skis each time.

A huge shout out to all of our sponsors, who made the entire thing possible every week. Berg’s Ski & Snowboard Shop hooked us up with a goodie bag every week, which included a ton of stuff like shirts, DVDs, hats, goggles, you name it. Hoodoo hooked up our people with thousands of dollars worth of FREE passes to their hills, and Pabst Blue Ribbon hooked up the Lib Tech Snowboard and skis as well as a huge amount of schwag every event. And of course Doc’s Pad for playing our amazing host and putting up with all of our madness every time. This year’s events were up there as the most successful and fun run of Pray For Snows we’ve ever done. So a big shout out to our sponsors and all of you for making it possible.

Here’s our big winner last night, Wyley, along with Cyd and Emma.