Mutt Madness 2018!

UPDATE: VOTING IS CLOSED! Congrats to Lucy Goosey (and her owner Debbie) on the big win!

Brought to you by THE HEART OF RESCUE.

Let’s face it, when it comes to our animals we always think they’re the best.

Even when they destroy our favorite shoes, “make a mess” in front of company, leave “gifts” for us on the front porch, we always think they can do no wrong.

Well, we figured that it’s time to figure out who has the best dog in our community. So we’re asking you guys to nominate your best friend for our first ever Mutt Madness competition.

All you have to do it click HERE and submit a picture of your dog. Or click HERE and head over to our Facebook page and leave a picture in the comments section. We’ll put them into our Mud Madness bracket and leave it up to you to rank them.

Then at the end of everything our grand prize winner (and their human) will get a super cool prize pack. Good luck!