On-Air Staff

KZEL Mornings With Cyd Mon. – Fri. 6 am – 10 am

Birth Place: 
unknown awareness

Weight: depends on when I last ate

Life Goal: ‘To get paid for breathing’

Favorite Past Time: excessive moderation

Education: Master Degree in Applied Knowledge = Life

Favorite Present Time: Playing

Favorite Future Time: Being
Cyd’s Mantra: Enjoy

KZEL Afternoons with Lisa Miller – Mon. – Fri. 3 pm to 7 pm

It all began when Lisa won a radio contest in LA to be in the Styx video Mr.Roboto! She was the third Roboto on the left when she realized ”Hey Radio looks like a lot of fun!!”
Well 1000’s of concerts and many cities later Lisa finds herself on K-ZEL afternoons.
If she’s not at a show or listening to music or loving up her Chihuahuas she’s out taking a ride on her motorcycle
Ride home with Lisa Miller K-ZEL afternoons 3pm-7pm weekdays